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Career Opportunity

carrer.jpgTravel & tourism is the world’s largest employer and will require an additional 24 million trained workers and managers by 2015.Most jobs in the hospitality & tourism industry are constantly developing ,exciting and satisfying Travel & hospitality careers are for individuals who enjoy working with people and welcome daily challenges. The industry is also avenue for people who love the excitement of travel. Some of the abilities and traits necessary for a successful career in the Hospitality & Tourism industry include general business skills and core competence such as interpersonal skills. Sales & Marketing techniques, being Multilingual, Computer literacy ,office technology and a sincere desire to continue learning after formal schooling.


One can get placement in different categories of hotels such as Taj, Oberoi and Welcome group, or an international chain like Hyatt, Sheraton etc.

Starting Salary: 

The initial joining can be at entry level with salary of around 10-15K per month or as an Management Trainee with 20K as an stipend after the training is done they can work as a managers with handsome amount of salary. if they join as entry level, they have to start from initial stage with basic salary and within a year or so (according to the work performance) the employee may get promoted to supervisory level with an increment in their salary.

Airline Industry: 

Airline Industry is also a good option for the hotel management students. One can join as an Air Hostess and Flight Stewards. Some of them can also join as ground Staff or as Public Relationship officers. There is a training program for employees. The salary offered is around 25k for domestic airlines and 50k for international airlines. Cruse lines attract the students with greater package that can be up to 70 k according to the experience they have

Retail Sector:

Retail sector has a wide range open for hotel management graduates. It includes PVR, Malls, Back Office jobs, joining as receptionist in corporate offices, Hospitals and BPO industry.


Teaching can also be option; they may join one of the HM college after approx. 1 year of experience depending upon their academic performance. Initially they may join as assistant lecturer and within 2 years of teaching experience they are eligible for lecturer post. They salary structure is 10k in the starting and reaches up to 30 k, however, it may vary from organization to organization.


Another option is Opening Own restaurants or working as consultants for building up hotels or restaurants. They can also have their special decoration for themed parties as contract services.
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