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About Us


  • To educate and train individuals from diverse educational and professional backgrounds, to become competent Hospitality Managers for the 21st century.
  • To ensure that our students become academically and practically competent, professional, efficient and flexible in order to be creative and productive managers.
  • To instill in students an attitude of reflection and self-evaluation that will support their future academic aspirations and intellectual growth.
  • To inculcate in graduates a spirit of service coupled with a willingness and ability to contribute to society at large.
  • To guide the students in the right path of a bright future and to see a better tomorrow of modern India without unemployment & poverty., the NGO Partnership System
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BIHM is also the Member of IHC (Indian Hospitality Congress)

IHC Group is a form of bulletin board which serves as a means to connect the hospitality research and education community. Its purpose is to promote an exchange of information relevant to hospitality research and to create a place for open debate on issues related to hospitality research and education.

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Our Mission

The objects for which the Society (bihm) is established are as follows:
  • To improve social, economic, and cultural status of the villagers.
  • To convince and encourage the illiterate adults to involve themselves in the education program of the society and for this purpose establish an adult education centre.
  • To make the drop-out children interested and rejoin the education program of the society and promote their level of education:Social,Scientific,Technical,and vocational.
  • To open charitable dispensaries,chidren clinic, blood donation camp etc,and distribute medicine among the distressed.
  • To help the sick,aged,helpless and indigent persons in their various problems by engaging members of the society and local youths.
  • To provide financial help to the widows and orphans who are alone having none in this world.
  • To help the poor in marriage and in funeral and cremation or Burial of the deceased.
  • To established training centre ,works shop, research centre of deferent kinds for self-employments of the unemployed youths.
  • To establish academic institute from primary level to University level.
Brilliant Institute of Hospitality Management offers world-class hospitality education. Our Priorities are academic rigor, professional training, multicultural awareness, and a caring Approach to the personal development of our students. We are proud of our hospitality Employers and alumni. Our students are industry professionals and leaders who exceed Customer and employer expectations through their persistent dedication to excellence.

To Prepare Students for Successful Careers

The proof of the success of our mission is the employability of our students. The Leadership Programme provides students with the necessary social skills which are so important to Succeed in the hospitality business and in any service industry. These transferable skills, Such as teamwork, respect, effective communication, problem solving etc. are essential for Any future manager/manageress.


To become an internationally recognized hi-tech centre for excellence for delivery of Hotel, Tourism, IT and MBA programs.

Message from the Director

Choosing which Institute to go to and what course to pursue is one of the most important decisions you, as a student would ever make in your life. As you make this crucial decision, I encourage you to think wisely about where your interests lie, weigh your aptitude against your prospective field of study and thus make intelligent decisions about your future. At this juncture of your life, we shall help you in realizing your potential and directing it towards a socially useful track. With this direction soundly steered to, we believe that we can accomplish the daunting task of 'Transforming Education, Transforming India'. Our programmes are specially designed to include work-based activity wherever possible. We provide a wide range of professional programmes that are relevant, Programmes with professional accreditation that give you the skills and knowledge to substantially increase your career prospects. We do it by providing a stimulating environment in which to study and learn- fantastic links with industry, reputed tutors and experts in their field- a place well versed in, and up to date with, what’s happening in the real world.

Whatever your career plans, at BIHM you are likely to find a program that will help you to realize your master plan. I urge you to discover BIHM for yourself through a visit to our campus or interaction with the BIHM community. I look forward to welcoming you to the BIHM family.

From the desk of the Secretary

In today's rapidly changing business environment, Hospitality Management has come up as a fast growth Career for young men and women who possess a pleasant personality, the capacity for hard work and a flair for creativity. Emerging trends for the growth of tourism and expansion of the accommodation sector has Necessitated a substantial increase in the additional requirement of trained manpower. If you have a natural gift for meeting people with a sense and spirit creative hospitality, a healthy dignity of labor, capacity and stamina to remain cool in ticklish situations. Hoteliering offers you a very fast-track career. It is the right place for the people who like people. A career in hospitality management offers glamour, excitement, challenge a fast-track growth and elevated life style. It is in fact a unique and specialized discipline as Engineering, Finance, Medical, MBA and/or civil services
K. Chattopadhyay
( MBA )

Message from the Principal

"We are proud of our achievements with students who while in the country, have access to the best Hospitality training facilities in India."Every year we attract a number of son and daughters of hoteliers from all over the country. That has to say something for the recognitions of BIHM enjoys within the industry.

"We started BIHM before few years with an aim to wipe out the problem of unemployment forever. Because always hospitality industry require a huge technically qualified manpower to fulfill the needs. We are different from others in the field of hospitality management education because we know the different criteria's of hotel industry, and according to that we take utmost care in grooming and inculcating in them the values to match the present and future requirement of the industry. So that they can get job very easily. We also keep in mind about the financial position of the students and their parents. That's why our fees structure is affordable by middle class, lower middle class and poor students. We believe in genuine placement not the other mere facilities like ac class room, ac hostel, free laptop or fake advertisement mentioning pictures of the candidates. So dear students it's the right time for you to join hospitality industry through BIHM, we promise we will show you the dazzling way of the bright future."

I look forward to welcoming you.
Dr. M. J. Ahmed

Why choose us to recruit


Well qualified students

Our institutions can become your gateway to find the best talent for your company, regardless of your location. Whether you are looking for an intern for a few months or for a young graduate to be part of a dynamic team for your next opening, we can help you. Also our highly experienced alumni are available to fill more senior posts.

we also help other experienced candidates from other institute to get proper job in hospitality industry in various departments.

Preparing students to meet your needs

We know and understand which skills you require from our students and graduates.

We are constantly ensuring that our curricula, teaching methodology and student life style fully develop all these skills in order to prepare graduates immediately in their new roles and to be equipped to become tomorrow’s industry leaders.


Our institutions are fully accredited, hence ensuring quality programs delivered to all our students


Our institutions maintain active correspondence with more than 1300 alumni. These experienced professionals often let us know when they are seeking new positions.

You can be sure to find the perfect profile matching your needs with students that have a solid background in hotel, resort, event, and sport and entertainment management.


1) Dr.M.J.Ahmed(H.O.D)
2) Md.Liyakat Hosen, Hardware & Software Engineer (Head, Dept.of Information Technology).
3) Mr.Ansarul Ahmed, MBA (Head, Dept.of Management Courses)
4) Mr.S.Sinha,DHM,BSCHM,MAHM (Head,Dept.of Hotel Management)
5) Mr.K.Chattopadhyay (Placement In charge)
6) Mr.Kamlesh Mandal (MBA,PGDRD,Pursuing LLB)
Latest News
  • “The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence"-
  • “Whatever you are doing, put your whole mind on it. If you are shooting, your mind should be only on the target. Then you will never miss. If you are learning your lessons, think only of the lesson. In India boys and girls are taught to do this.”
    S. Vivekananda
  • There will have to be rigid and iron discipline before we achieve anything great and enduring, and that discipline will not come by mere academic argument and appeal to reason and logic. Discipline is learnt in the school of adversity. 
  • If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.
    Mother Teresa
  • It is here at a tender age the title Vidyasagar was endowed to him. He lived up to that expectation and offered to his society far more than that ... In a thousand years that would follow, Bengali people and indeed the world at large, would not be able to rid itself of the debt owed to this man.